Dripping Wet – Hump Day Haik-view 11.20.2013

In which the Moist Graffiti writing staff express their thoughts on the week’s new(ish) releases solely through the medium of Japanese poetry.

This week – Arcade Fire; The Bishops; The Dodos; Primal Scream; The Black Hollies; Grizzly Bear; Bun B and … Arcade Fire

Jesus christ!
Epic, Serious
Montreal People Make Long,
Lifeless, Dirge Epic.

MG Rating 50.000

Jesus christ!
Choral Harmonies;
Sparse guitar figures? Yes please!
<insert bash joke here>

MG Rating 68.957

Jesus christ!
Psychedelic men
coulda built a time machine
faster than this took

MG Rating 58.453

Jesus christ!
Jittery San Fran
Duo eased off the caffeine –
Get back on the Joe!!

MG Rating 61.435

Jesus christ!
Lost Identity
Fractured Screwston Aesthetic
RIP Pimp C

MG Rating – 55.420

Jesus christ!
Daniel Rossen Ed Droste
Rich, inspired shades of Shields
Delicious Brooklyn

MG Rating – 76.214

Jesus christ!
Jesus christ!
Veteran British
Chaps party like it is still

MG Rating 65.153

Jesus christ!
Jesus christ!
Win Butler can’t sing
Or express cohesive thoughts –
Fuck yo Grammy son

MG Rating – 48.677

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