Dripping Wet – Hump Day Haik-view, 10.30.2013

In which the Moist Graffiti writing staff takes on the week’s new(ish) releases through the medium of Japanese poetry.

This week – Oneohtrix Point Never; Savages; La Luz; The Fratellis; The Avett Brothers; Of Montreal; Panic! At The Disco

Ambient music.

Bits, blips, drones, beats and whispers

puts me to sleep.  Ahhhhhh

MG Rating : 62.176



Brit ladies smolder

But never ignite. Oh well.

Better things to come?

MG Rating : 56.145

jesus christ!


Seattle Surf Girls –

Promise Me You’ll Never Leave

Beach volleyball jams

MG Rating : 74.772

Jesus christ!


Mid aughts frat rockers –

You should have stayed broken up.

Farewell Glasgow trash

MG Rating : 39.487

Jesus christ!


This folk revival

Never-ending suck parade –

Time is running out

MG Rating : 45.148

Jesus christ!


Orchestra hit key

Jammed on keyboard for 4 mins?

Ta da! Sleigh Bells song

MG Rating : 27.875

Jesus christ!


Kevin Barnes returns,

loses the make up and synths,

but still tries to cram too many syllables into each line.

MG Rating : 52.127

Jesus christ!


Panic! Del Frisco

Deep 2005 flashbacks

Pregnancy tests

MG Rating :  31.112

Jesus christ!


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